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How do I heal my root chakra?

Last week’s class

Marc decided to treat us to something a little different last week. Once the fairy-lights and candles glowed, the atmosphere was set. The warm-up was very gentle. At the end of the warm-up, Marc drew us into a circle guiding us to hold hands – pushing our boundaries to physically connect to the people either side of us. He set the intention for the evening; we would use chanting to heal the root chakra. After stretching out with mountain poses we soon moved into seated positions in a circle ready to chant. The final section of the class we did alternate nostril breathing.

Where is the root chakra located?

According to Tantrik Yoga tradition, there are many chakra systems. There is dispute over where the seven chakra system popularised in Westernised culture originated from. Some say with the ancient Indian scripts, the Vedas, others claim they appeared in the 11th century.

Chakras are thought to be energy spots in the body that are linked to colours, the elements (earth. water, fire, air, space) and mantric sounds. They influence psychological, physical and spiritual states. The root chakra is said to be located at the base of our spine.

How do I heal my root chakra?

Some believe that when the root chakra isn’t balanced then a person can suffer from anxiety, fear, nightmares and eating disorders.

Marc introduced “Lam” (pronounced “Lum”) as the mantric sound linked to the root chakra and we chanted this on long, deep exhales while focusing on the colour red (the colour connected to the root chakra). It is associated with the element earth. The idea is that chanting “Lam” and focusing on the colour red will help you to feel secure and grounded.

Thought of the day: Some people don’t believe in chakras, however, “The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine looks at how various forms of energy (e.g. light, sound, electromagnetism or even prayer) translate into the chemical and electrical signals that orchestrate our physical health and mental well-being”[1], so if a person believes in chakras and meditates around them it seems sure to have a positive physical and psychological impact.

- Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots. - Rumi

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